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Colon Irrigation is not a new tendency in medicine. It offers the possibility of deeper colonic cleansings. You may wonder what hydrotherapy can offer to enhance the potential of powerful drugs or surgery, or think that colonic cleansings can be replaced by trivial enemas. Colonic procedures belong to alternative medicine, so many conventional medicine specialists reject colonic treatment, explaining that the human body naturally removes intestinal wastes, and colonic hydrotherapy may interfere with the ability of the colon to shed dead cells. Although alternative approaches to health offer simple painless and effective ways of treatment, no chemicals or drugs are involved. Colonic hydrotherapy uses multistage purification equipment which washes out any possible contamination.

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My name is Natalia Belinska. I am president of NVC. Over 17 years I have been running one of the most reputable colonic irrigation clinics in Toronto, Ontario. I am happy that I have helped thousands of people regain their health and turn to a healthier life. Colonic Irrigation Toronto.com was created to represent NVC on the Web and be a valuable source of information about colonic cleansing. This web site will help everyone who wants to improve whole-body well-being find their way to the best specialists in colonic irrigation and enjoy all the benefits of colonic irrigation.

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People have been practicing colonic hydrotherapy since the ancient times. The earliest archeological evidence of papyrus has descriptions of colonic procedures and their good effect on health. Egyptian practitioners used hollow reed plants for colonic cleansings. Colonic irrigations were used in treating fevers and common disorders. For centuries practitioners used plant and other not very sophisticated devices to practice colonic cleansings, until the first equipment was designed in the USA in the 1920-1930s.

Colon Hydrotherapy as a Guaranty of Healthy Life

Colon-related diseases have always attracted considerable medical interest as researches still believe that the colon has a great amount of harmful bacteria. This predetermines a permanent presence of toxins in the blood which passes them throughout the body. Such toxins contain putrefaction products.

Researches showed that cleansings have good effects on the colonic functions, practitioners developed new approaches to colonic irrigations which have good effect not only on the colonic but on the bodily functions in general. Over time, many people develop thick layers of fecal matter coating their colon which hardens and becomes impacted. After all it reduces the efficiency of the bowel, and in some cases, completely obstructs normal elimination of waste matter from the body. It is quite common for people to have only one bowel movement per day, but some people have one or two per week. Alternative practitioners believe that people probably should have one bowel movement for every meal that they eat. If not, then they do not eliminate wastes completely, and if input exceeds output, then they are sure to suffer the consequences at some point.

colonic irrigation procedure lasts 45 minutes

Fig.1. Each colonic irrigation procedure usually lasts 45 minutes

During a colonic irrigation procedure, a small amount of warm filtered water or even mineral water is introduced into the colon by means of sterile nozzle via rectum. Water temperature and pressure are monitored by the colon therapist and both characteristics can be varied to stimulate muscular contraction in the colon. Water affects the colon walls and mucous membrane of the colon stimulating local blood circulation. This is very important to help the atonic colon. The mucous membrane is cleaned out as toxic waste matters adhered to the walls of the colon and fecal impactions are dislodged and gently washed away through the system's waste disposal tube. After a series of fills and releases, the warm water begins to soften the fecal matter. Usually it happens during the first procedure but a series of colonic procedures provides more effective results. Each colonic irrigation procedure usually lasts 45 minutes. During a colonic irrigation procedure, about 25 to 45 liters of water is transported in and out the colon.

The colon therapist may use an excellent combination of colonic irrigation and abdominal massage, advise how to breath and on relaxation techniques.

It is better to start a series of colonic cleansings with a cleansing diet. 3 or 5 days before the first colonic irrigation will be ideal. There are no special recipes or serious restrictions. Though the diet before colonic irrigation may vary from person to person, eliminating white sugar and white flour is the best way to begin. Some specialists recommend a raw food diet, others advise consume more foods containing fibre - to eat just fruit and vegetables both cooked and raw. Before and during the period of colonic irrigation the specialists also recommend avoiding junk food, fried, refined or processed foods, alcohol and caffeine.

People of any age can undergo colonic irrigation. Even children over the age of 10 can undergo colonic irrigation therapy. However, as for children, colonic cleansings are generally advised as a last resort in case other colonic irrigation methods (such as enemas) fail. This kind of treatment may be fearful for children and can make them unwilling to undergo colonic treatment. As for adults, anyone suffering from gas, bloating, cramping pains, skin complaints and a long list of bowel complaints, especially irritable bowel, may benefit from colonic irrigation. The colonic irrigation is useful for patients who suffer from arthritis. Removing large amounts of toxic matter relieves the patient and even leads to the alleviation of symptoms of arthritis. Properly done, colonic irrigation can restore peristaltic action, thus reducing the need for more hydrotherapy treatments over time. In addition, removing layers of fecal matter which coats the intestines allows some patients to improve assimilation of the nutrients from foods and can alleviate symptoms nutrient deficiencies. If patients suffer from any inflammatory disorder and inadequate digestion colonic cleansings will be very helpful as well.

Colonic hydrotherapy can also be helpful for therapist to diagnose digestive functions, prepare patients for colon operations, restore muscular contraction in the colon and eliminate body parasites and toxins, especially after food intoxication. Colonic hydrotherapy is practiced as a detoxication method in case of alcohol and drug addiction. Colonic procedure improves the functions of the liver and kidneys, increases the ability to absorb vitamins and enzymes, boosts metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Colonic hydrotherapy does not interfere with the colon and other bodily functions. Colonic cleansing is the best way to maintain and enjoy renewed relationship to health. The healthy colon is a guaranty of healthy life.

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