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Colonic irrigation contraindications

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Colonic irrigation contraindications

Fig.1. Colonic irrigation contraindications? Ask the Expert...

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Colonic irrigation contraindications

Colonic irrigation is contraindicative in the following cases:

  • Acute inflammatory condition (high temperature, severe headaches, abdominal pains of unknown origin, hypertension)
  • the aggravation of the disease
  • medication of hormonal tablets, corticosteroids
  • patients with the cardio stimulator
  • acute bleeding colitis and bleeding hemorrhoids
  • intestine polyp, diverticulitis in decompensate condition
  • straight intestine cancer or colon intestine cancer
  • hypertension in the third degree
  • chronic cicatrizing enteritis, hernia
  • abdominal operation which is less 6 months old

Colonic irrigation is recommended but can provoke a sense of discomfort in the following cases:

  • hypertension of the first and second degree, cardiological problems
  • diabetes
  • hemorrhoid

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