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How to lose weight?

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Colonic Irrigation
How to lose weight and forget about depression

Fig.1. Colonic Irrigation: how to lose weight and forget about depression

Strong intestine is essential for healthier living. But today's diet includes many foods incorporating refined components and food additives. Such food does not contain fibre which is both a natural means for intestine cleaning and metabolic regulator. As a result fecal masses accumulate in the intestines, disturbing microflora and spreading toxins. Toxins, concrements and mamelons create good environmental conditions for bacteria and parasites which poison the body. Food debris produce toxins in the intestines. Being absorbed and spread in the blood-vascular system they are damaging the liver, lungs and kidneys. Moreover, intoxication of the body is accompanied by chronic depression. Regular colonic irrigations help to cleanse the body from toxins and food debris.

Colonic Irrigation: How to lose weight and forget about depression?

Colonic Irrigation is a modern kind of treatment whose advantage is that it cleanses not only lumen of the intestine but its walls as well. One colonic procedure equals to 20 enemas. Colonic Irrigation is painless and safe. Specialists of Toronto Colonic Irrigation Clinic use only up-to-date equipment, a Swiss set Colon-HydroMat. It is a high-technology device intended for colonic irrigation produced by leading global manufacturer Hab-Herrmann.

As washings for colonic irrigations our specialists use exclusive liquids which incorporate natural components such as herbal infusions and Carlsbad salt. The amount of washings varies from 8-40 liters, the temperature ranges from 30 to 32°C. It depends on the condition of the muscular wall of the colon and coexistent diseases of the pelvic organs. The temperature is determined during the first colonic procedure and its degree indications are used throughout the whole colonic treatment. Colonic irrigations may go together with thermal procedures or herbal enemas or enemas with medications.

How many kilograms a person may lose after the colonic irrigation?
Usually a person may lose 2 to 5 kilograms. The colonic irrigation improves metabolism and it helps lose weight. Moreover, after the colonic irrigation our patients follow a healthy diet because they do want to be energetic and sound.

Frequently asked questions about the Colonic Irrigation Procedure

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