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Microscope Analysis for colonic irrigation procedures

Fig.1. Microscope Analysis for colonic irrigation procedures

A very important first step in achieving your health goals. At the end of the hour you will have a treatment plan specific to your particular needs. For more information please use top-submenu or click on links bellow.

Colonic Irrigation Method

Colonic therapy is an effective method of colon irrigation with purified water without using any chemicals. It is a natural safe procedure which does no harm to intestine functioning. It cleansed not only lumen of the intestine but its walls as well. It neutralizes all symptoms of intestine malfunctions. Colonic irrigation improves functioning of the liver and kidneys. These organs eliminate poisons from the body such as phenic acids, skatole, indole, etc. Colonic irrigation makes absorbing capacity of the intestines better so vitamins and ferments strengthen the immune system. Experts believe colonic irrigation to be the best method to prevent health-related problems.

Our clinic specializes in colonic irrigation (colonic hydrotherapy) and administered by certified colonic hydrotherapist. Filtered water is introduced into the system at a carefully regulated pressure and temperature, flowing in and out in progressive stages. With the therapist's special "touch on" technique that helps better elimination toxins from the body, the water begins to soften waste matters, which are then expelled. Regular colon implants of lactobacillus acidophilus are given to ensure normalization of bowel flora, and also herbal preparations may be used for certain conditions.

Colonic Irrigation & Accompanying Cleansing Programs

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