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Colon Irrigation HydroKit

Natural Vitality Centre Services
Hydrokit for colonic irrigation procedures

Fig.1. Hydrokit for colonic irrigation procedures.

More about kits for colon hydrotherapy

Supplied in two dimensions for a more comfortable use. Disposable material for one use. Never use any component of it more than once. The Kit is composed of: 1 speculum, 1 obturator, 1 water line, 1 waste hose.

Hydro Kit for Colon Irrigation

An independent laboratory study was conducted to determine bio-compatibility on the components of our Hydrokits, not only in the speculums but also in the hoses.

The laboratory was looking for harmful chemicals and toxicity that would be leached from the plastics itself. There was no findings of resins or toxicity found, that could be derived by contact from this material. Under no circunstances should any item of this kit to be reused. This kit is to be used on the Transcendencias Comerciales Colon Hydrotherapy devices and other standardised equipment.

Large/Small Hydrokits

  • Ref: Z-09/Z-10
  • Material traslucid Polypropylene
  • Large/Small size speculum
  • Obturator perfect design for an easier handling
  • Waste helicoidal hose manufactured in EVA material 1300 mm
  • Inflow hose 1500 mm made of PVC
  • Lubricant 2.5 gr

About manufacturer:
Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L. has gathered together a group of professionals who have spent long years in health care and, more specifically, in Colon Hydrotherapy, a process over one thousand years old and now carried out with modern technology to provide safe and comfortable treatment. (Editorial Credit: Transcendencias Comerciales's website.)

Disposable materials for use only in Colon HydroTherapy. We never use any component of the Colon HydroTherapy Kit more than once

Colon Hydrotherapy Accessories

Fig.2. Colon Hydrotherapy Accessories.

Colon Hydrotherapy Accessories

In order to complete a Colon Hydrotherapy session we use a whole range of complements and accessories:

  • Therapeutic solutions
  • Hydro-colon couch: Specially designed for colon hydrotherapies
  • Disinfectants
  • Filters HC-1
  • Disposable slippers, trace elements of natural origin, gowns, gloves
  • Under pads
  • Sheets and Hydro-colon couch

More about Accessories for Colon Hydrotherapy

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