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Colon Irrigation Equipment

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Colonic Irrigation Equipment (Hydro San Plus, Model C)

Fig.1. Colonic Irrigation Equipment (Hydro San Plus, Model C)

Colon Hydrotherapy with our equipments is completely hygienic, painless and odourless therapy that guarantees a total hygiene of the large intestine, by means of the introduction of filtered water at a low temperature which permanently dissolves all deposits adhering to the colon.

These devices, manufactured in painted stainless steel (to avoid any study technique, with complete ease of handling and absolute control of all constants.

Hydro San Plus (Model C)

Simply the finest colon hydro therapy instrument on the market. Features Include...

  • Low Volume / Low Presure Administration
  • Controlled / Monitored Water Temperature and Pressure
  • Temperature and Pressure Safety Systems
  • Lighted View Chamber with Isolated Electrical System
  • Specimen Collection Capability
  • Additive Administration Capability
  • Oxygen Administration Capability
  • Medical Grade, Bio-Component Components
  • Unique Modular Component Design
  • Sturdy Hydro San Base Cabinet
  • Ultra Violet Three-Stage Water Filtration System

Modem Colon Hydrotherapy supervised by certified Colonic Therapist. Newest colon irrigation equipment with ultra-violet water filtration, disposable instruments and regulated water pressure.

Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Systems

Professional Colon Hydro-therapy Systems

Fig.3. Professional Colon Hydro-therapy Systems (Editorial & Photo Credit: Specialty Health Products Inc. website)

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instruments represent the culmination of three decades of expertise. Our commitment to safety, quality and dependability are unequalled in the industry, establishing a worldwide standard for modern day professional Colon Hydro-therapy.

Hydro San Plus Clinical: Designed for Physicians and Clinical Practitioners. Dual Full Spectrum and Ultra Black Diagnostic Lighting. Specimen Collection. Additive Administration. Oxygen Administration. Custom Monitoring and Control Systems. Manufactured in the United States. Is accordance with all FDA and ISO Regulations.

Unique Component Design:Self Cleansing System. Isolated Electrical System. Enclosed Operational Design. Ergonomic Display. Stainless Steel Construction. Manifold Flow Regulation.

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