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On Video: what is inside my colon?


We presents "Colon Therapy" film by Dr. Hiromi Shinya. The movie features clips of a normal colon, unhealthy colon and a colon after colonic cleansing and fresh hexagonal Kangen water procedures. A great part of the video is dedicated to the important procedure of colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation.

This film focuses on analysis of colonic irrigation plus hexagonal Kangen water and their effects on the colon. Information about the effects of colonic irrigation and fresh hexagonal Kangen water is essential to your health.

Be informed about your colon and make sure it is cleansed. Remember, colonic irrigation procedures should be done on a regular basis.

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Toronto Colon Irrigation Clinic on Canadian TV

The 1st Toronto colon irrigation clinic is managed and directed by Natalia Belinska, the president. You will hear professional therapists explain the colon cleansing. One of the patients shares her colonic therapy experience in this clinic. To watch the video, please click here

Health Improvement supervised by a certified colon hydro-therapist from Toronto

Newest colon irrigation equipment with ultra-violet water filtration, disposable instruments and regulated water pressure

Some facts about the colon

The drawings illustrate the various abnormal shapes of the bowel in comparison to a normal bowel.